Continuous Improvement Program

SILSA has since 2015 a continuous improvement program in place. SILSA Confecções SA started in 2015 the implementation of Kaizen methodology, that will allow, by the process improvement and continuous improvement culture, to obtain:

  • • Improved quality

    • Increased productivity (cost reduction)

    • Improvement of service level (reduction of Lead Time)

    • Business growth

    These results are achieved through the application of the 5 Kaizen principles:

    • • Creating value for the customer

      • Eliminate waste

      • Efficiency in the field

      • Involvement of employees

      • Visual Management


      • Currently in pilot mode in Cut department and Accounting department

      • To roll-out all production and support/ management departments (in progress)


Most of the SILSA value chain is currently part of the BCI. Today SILSA already works with some of its value chain trainers who are part of the BCI member group. In the category of “Suppliers and Manufacturers, Other Intermediaries”, the following companies are working with SILSA:

  • • Casa da Malha

  • • Tintex

  • • Vilartex

    • Etevimol - Empresa Têxtil de Vilar do Monte, Lda

    • Filasa - Fiação Armando Silva Antunes, S.A.

  • • Grupo Mundifios

  • • Familitex

  • • António de Almeida & Filhos Têxteis, S.A.

    • Fervi - Importação & Exportação, S.A.

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