“Since 1974”
Silsa Confecções, SA was established on Feb, 1974. Very high quality standards, the constant upgrading of structures and equipment, along with reduced delivery deadlines, rise Silsa to a clothing supplier excellence status and strong references. The focus on constant building processes, innovation, respect for the environment and demand for maximum production efficiency, helped the company to achieve the customer’s recognition.
We aim at becoming a leader and competitive organization in the markets where we act, standing out for the excellency of processes, services and products. We face the future with optimism and a strong sense of responsibility, in line with the highest levels of social conduct and responsibility
Mission & Values
The mission of Silsa Confecções, SA focus on the constant search for the Client’s satisfaction, considering innovation as crucial, electing trustworthy partners and transmitting it, contributing with knowledge, transparency and rigor. We aim at being in continuous improvement of products for the achievement of a progressively better results.
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