The Integrated Management Policy adopted by Silsa Confecções, SA represents the way we face the future, mobilizing, consequently, the commitment of all in the daily construction of the path towards Quality, Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Health and Safety at Work.
Entrepreneurial sustainability is an integrative part of our decision processes and has the aim of guaranteeing the economic, social and environmental equilibrium of the company in the medium and long-run, continuing to create value for the shareholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers and society in general.
This Policy demands the fulfilment of the norms ISSO 9001, SA8000, GUIA SA 8000 and STeP by OeKo-Tex concerning Quality, Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Health and Safety at work, considering them as fundamental in the activities developed by the organization.
Silsa Confecções, SA defines as strategical orientations:

- Respect the requisites established by the Client, ensuring his satisfaction;
- Realization of auto-control actions for the timeous detection of possible non-conformities, allowing the application of correctional actions and the implementation of the adequate preventive measures;
- Present levels of excellency in terms of quality of the products and services, promoting a continuous improvement;
- Focus on differentiated products and services, eco-friendly and with higher value added;
- Adopt methodologies in the organization, processes control and management, achieving the highest accuracy and efficiency possible;
Social Responsibility

- Fulfill the principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO), including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the applicable national legislation;
- Assume the commitment of penalizing child labor, forced or compulsory labor, non-application of safety rules, discrimination, undisciplinary practices and work overload;
- Allow freedom of association and the right to collective negotiation;
- Respect the minimum wage standards, guaranteeing that the basic needs of all collaborators are met;

- Minimize environmental impacts, developing sustainable activities, aiming at the preservation of the environmenment;
- Raise awareness and incentivize collaborators, sub-contractors and suppliers for the adoption of the best practices in terms of environmental preservation;
- Rationalize resources by promoting the adoption of optimization and consumption practices of materials, chemical products and energy dependency;
- Ensure the adequate treatment of all waste generated by the activity and promote the recycling and/or reuse of the same, guaranteeing a preventive approach to the future environmental challenges;

- Focus on processes and technologies more efficient and of lower environmental impact;

- Commit the different interested parties in the fulfilment of our code of conduct;

- Implement and maintain measures relative to the efficient use of resources and the “green chemicals” approach in the use of chemical products;

- Integrate aspects of sustainable development in the planning processes and decision making;
- Identify and manage the exposure to the risks resulting from the economic, environmental and social impacts of the activity;
- Fulfil the legal requisites which are applicable at the level of product, process and organization;
- Promote the continuous improvement of the Organization, making it more efficient and sustainable;
- Promote partnerships with the interested parties in the value chain, towards the commitment over the defined policy.
Health and Safety at Work

- Prevent and control the risks, so as to avoid injuries and illnesses to the collaborators, as well as analyze all the incidents so as to determine their causes and define adequate preventive measures;
- Promote training and monitoring programs of the collaborators, so as to raise awareness of their individual and collective responsibilities;
- Ensure the correct safety, health and well-being conditions of all collaborators, fulfilling the norms of the Code of Conduct;
Silsa Confecções, SA aims at being a reference in the markets where it develops activities, through the Integrated Management, based on optimized processes and oriented actions towards the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of Clients, Collaborators and all other interested parties.
The Management shall review the Integrated Management policy, at least, on an annual basis, according to the provisions of the Strategic Management procedure, even if from the revision no alteration comes to the Policy.
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